A Revolutionary Peer to Peer Currency Exchange Platform

iGoal helps users to get the best value out of currency exchange

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iGoal users get the best value from currency exchange Every transaction you make brings you closer to a complete picture of financial success.
  • Safely cut out the middle man, expand your choices, save on the cost of currency exchange!
    Access and compare direct offers from peers who are offering the currency you need, and those who need the currency you have, with the instant exchange process fully managed by iGoal to eliminate the risk of fraud.
  • Your money, Your Rate!
    iGoal supports users in determining the best exchange rate for their "currency sell orders", by providing information on the market rate and recommending a symbiotically beneficial rate for exchanging peers.
  • Instant Funds Transfer!
    Get money across to loved ones home and abroad within the app, in an instant and safe manner without having to pay transfer fees.

Diversify Your Money in a Multiple Currency Portfolio!

Easily change your money from one currency to another between your multi-currency iGoal wallets.

Swift Exchange Just a Click Away!

With a click of a button, use our Auto-Swap functionality to exchange your currency at the best P2P rate for your transaction, and at the little fee we are known for.

Residual Referral Commission

iGoal pays you commission for up to two years for every user you invite. With transparency as one of our core values, you are able to track the status of your invites and commissions. T&C applies

24/7 Support

Rest assured that we have your back round the clock. With a click of the chat button within the app, our support team is on standby to answer users' inquiries and provide support for maximum user experience

Track your funds flow

Track and trace your incoming and outgoing funds for effective accounting and financial reconcilliation. Download proof of transactions when needed.

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Achieve More with iGoal Get iGoal for free and find financial peace.
Available currencies on iGoal
  • CAD to NGN
  • NGN to CAD
  • CAD to USD Coming soon
  • USD to CAD Coming soon
  • USD to NGN Coming soon
  • NGN to USD Coming soon
Security First Instant & Security wallet funding, funds withdrawal, currency exchange, and intra-app transfer.
multi-currency New Horizons Users are able to fund their wallets with both bank transfer and Credit Card to expand their access to liquidity.
Speed You can make unlimited instant transfers, send money to local banks and withing iGoal wallet without breaking a sweat, or fulfil your promises to family across borders in seconds.
User Friendly User Friendly: iGoal is built to help you enjoy your transaction process as the platform is easy to navigate.